sharklato runtz strain



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sharklato runtz strain

Buy sharklato runtz online, buy sharklato runtz weed, Sharklato runtz strain, founded by a famous rapper artist under the Thesharkbakery, are the original founders of this hybrid Indica strain trending today with most popularity on IG.

When you buy sharklato runtz online, you get Relaxed 69%, buy sharklato runtz weed and dismiss Insomnia at 26%. Buy sharklato runtz weed and release Stress at a  rate of 36%.  Buy sharklato runtz strain for a reduction of Depression at 26%. 

Some sharklato runtz strain reviews

–  I picked up sharklato runtz strain from Top Cart Store. This bud is beautiful. The smell is amazing and difficult to describe, something like earthy fuel. The smoke is extremely mild on the lungs and tastes great. The high comes on fairly quickly and feels amazing. It made me feel very euphoric and uplifted, the high is crystal clear and very functional. The strain also gives an excellent Sativa body high. The main high for me was shorter, 1-2hrs, but it left me with a great lingering feeling of relaxation. This strain is perfect for mood elevation, relaxation, and functionality. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever had.

– Outstanding! I felt almost immediate effects from this excellent strain – the OG Shark X Gelato was great for pain relief and appetite stimulation. Quelled chronic nausea and enabled me to both cook and eat a good meal. After a small pre-bed toke, I had a great sleep & awoke refreshed. The only downside was a slight anxious/paranoid feeling, but that could have been my mood. This will for sure be in my Top 10; maybe even my Top 5.

– Best high I’ve had in a while. Smooth flavour, potent effect, makes all the bullshit in life go away! It helps with stress, anxiety, and restoring one’s mind if it’s going too fast or in a bad place. Also good for depression, a powerful uplifting effect.

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